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Starting from 2017, Publitalia ‘80 saw an important raise in the number of connected TVs together with the development of new products and functions on Mediaset Infinity, Mediaset’s OTT platform.

Its clients kept their trust throughout this process, reaching the amount of over 1000 campaigns by 2021.

New formats and new communication models need new ways of measuring in order to analyse the value and efficiency of the campaigns: Publitalia is able to give back post campaign quantitative reports measuring the number of impressions, visits, actions, time spent and unique devices. These measurements are also meant to analyse the reach and frequency of the linear TV campaigns.

Other than the quantitative reports, there also are post campaign qualitative surveys, that measure the uplift of different KPIs, as brand image and approval, brand awareness, intention-to-buy and recall.

As said earlier, the measurements do not end there: there also is the Attribution Model, an innovative analysis able to measure the adv effectiveness of addressable Smart TV campaigns that have as goal the Drive to Store or Drive to Site model.

Both models measure the visit rate and the uplift, but also have specific KPIs such as the visit delay, shared by both models, and then different ones for each of them: the Drive to Store model has “distance from home” and “dwell time”, and the Drive to Site one has “page views per device”.

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